About us

Inveniam Corporate Finance was established by Ian Morl who has over 35 years’ experience working as an advisor, consultant and director to a variety of businesses across a range of sectors. Ian is an entrepreneur, with a range of business investments across the UK and North America. Supported by a team of accountants and former bankers, we possess a team with far-reaching capabilities.

Translated, Inveniam means ‘I shall either find a way, or make one’. This phrase perfectly sums up our ethos: we use our vast experience and knowledge of corporate finance to help businesses to unlock their potential and to achieve their corporate and shareholder goals.

We are a flexible, adaptive corporate finance team that has been set up to assist businesses of all sizes and in all types of situations. With a clear client focus we strongly benefit from being more responsive and agile than our competitors, with the ability to work in imaginative ways and often via unconventional means.

Our access to liquid high-net-worth individuals and institutions is a key advantage and can assist with the delivery of bespoke financing structures for those projects that are able to demonstrate an attractive balance of risk against reward.  In today’s climate this can be extremely valuable to those companies and projects which may not fit the usual scope and requirements of traditional funders.